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Whys Sayings

Post by Ryan F. Mercer » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:37 am

The true language of the universe is metaphor. Our insistence on linguistics, only handicaps.

We can't control what happens. We can only control what happened.

The beauty of not having the answer, is knowing the truth when you see it.

Those who live by anger, live in a shrinking world, that eventually consumes them.

There are few things less enlightened than violence against children. Never spank a child. It's never necessary.

Been that, done there.

The past doesn't actually exist. It is only a matter of probability, the same as the future.

Life is better with an impossible dream, for you never know which one it is.

Goals are like a mirage on the horizon. The more you focus on them, the more distant they appear. Instead, keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually you'll walk on water.

The Hatter wasn't mad; it was always Wonderland. He simply understood it.

Everything is true and no one is right.

Never seek other than that which you have and use what you have to love.

Success and failure don't measure events, but rather our expectations.

Factory farming is a blight on human society and moral beings everywhere.

Eyes are never upside down.

So long as each stroke is a stroke of genius on its own, then completion is of no consequence.

You aren't truly impoverished unless you take more than you give.

Censorship is the belief that people make better decisions when ignorant of the facts.

Dig long enough and eventually you'll find silver.

There is no such thing as broken. The universe is always in perfect functioning order.

Inside and outside are the same thing: you.

Choose truth & love and you will never lose.

You get more of what you want, when you share.

Love isn't something you receive. It's something you create.

Inches are a bad habit. Use the metric system.

Evolution has no greater failing than the predator.

It is always better to be clever with the truth than a lie.

You will always end up where ever your intentions naturally take you.

Everything happens for a reason. Only you decide what that is.

A thing's time never comes unless there are those willing to precede it.

We are only our brain until something goes wrong with our gut.

We are not reacting to reality, but rather, we are actively creating it.

True success can only truly be known to yourself and yourself alone.

The only opponent is self doubt.

How do you get to the Moon? Math. How do you make it to Mars? Teamwork.

You gotta make room for the stupid.

There is always more going on, than anyone is teaching you.

When you can't find the answer, ask the right question.

Wanting is easy.

Adults when with children, get to be silly.

Secrecy is the final refuge of unchecked power.

So long as you live life with a purity of intention, it is difficult to regret the results.

Better is better than best.

No lesson more powerful than taught by example.

Negativity can't be defeated, it can only be overcome.

Those with true power, can afford to wear it lightly.

There is nothing children love learning more than from other children.

Just try it.

All new knowledge is unusual.

If one is truly grateful, then there is no desire to show off.

Children have a wisdom that they lose as they get older.

Jesus never said, go read a book.

Make every challenge fun.

The most successful people live ordinary lives, extraordinarily well.

I'm not worried by what people choose to believe, so much as by what they choose not to believe.

Normal is what you grow up with.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it thank you.

How many embarrassing moments are remembered in history?

They aren't big words if they're the one's you start with.

Nations want to go to war when they shouldn't, and don't want to go to war when they should.

The more precise your words, the more precise your logic, and thus the greater your accuracy.

Crying can be healthy. It can also be powerful.

It's the simple truths we tend to forget. We always think we can think our way around them.

It's not your fault, but it is your challenge.

It describes the human species better than any other single word: transition.

The funny thing about consistency, is it changes.

Reality is only as consistent as we imagine it to be.

Smaller steps lead to larger journeys.

There is no perfect form, only trade-offs.

The eye of the hurricane, is the hurricane.

We can be nearly anything we choose to be. Choosing is the hard part.

The ideal is an illusion that can only hold you back.

Use the words you want to use.

The person you were yesterday died, and you have been reborn as the person you are today, but you are always the person you choose to be.

The human animal is not worthy of our trust.

There is love, there is logic, and there is fun. Everything else is worthless.

All you get, is what you leave behind.

Affection builds a family.

The key to any negotiation, is knowing what it is you really want.

If there is a god, she doesn't want us to know.

Intelligence is more intuitive than conscious.

You read this once.

Life isn't about the material things. It's about the company we keep.

How much is a penny worth? As much as you decide.

Why would you talk to yourself, if you weren't worth talking to?

It requires a certain amount of success to be faced with such decisions.

Leave data on the internet as you would want others to leave data for you.

Consistency is derivative of applied meaning.

Church doesn't have a monopoly on God, and neither does religion.

What happens to one woman happens to every woman.

Life is so hard that even when you're winning, it hurts.

Immaturity is our greatest obstacle.

It's a good thing we have two hands. If we had three, we would give ourselves more to do.

If you don't know the odds, then it must be fifty fifty.

Life isn't about having the answer. It's about knowing how to figure it out.

Twice suggests a pattern. Three times is a pattern.

Killer instinct belongs to the arrogant and rash.

Parents didn't want their kids to play with Plato.

If you can't articulate your ideas, then maybe they aren't real.

Can you move back in time? Then we better move forward.

The more one speaks directly to am, the more am speaks directly back.

If you always get a perfect score, then you aren't being challenged.

When people of violence are rewarded by the angry masses, then people of good conscience must live in proportionate fear.

It is impossible to argue with irrational prejudice. Lead by example instead.

If we want to raise things up, then we have to fight gravity.

All living things experience joy and suffering at their own capacity. A cricket's capacity may be minimal, but it still knows the difference.

There are no adults. There are those who try and those who don't.

We all become what we choose to be.

You can always tell what someone is thinking. Not by what they say, but by what they don't.

It is a moral responsibility to be intellectually honest.

Not all of these are gems. That would be unrealistic.

An unused door is a wall in disguise.

Oligarchy is rotting our democracies.

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Re: Whys Sayings

Post by Ryan F. Mercer » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:34 pm

Am is the power to divinely create.

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Re: Whys Sayings

Post by Ryan F. Mercer » Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:13 am

Bigotry is stupidity.

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Re: Whys Sayings

Post by Ryan F. Mercer » Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:29 am

Adolescent fertility is a medical condition that should be treated as quickly as possible.

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Re: Whys Sayings

Post by Ryan F. Mercer » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:02 am

The most powerful word in existence is the one most often overlooked.

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